Welcome to BoiseAreaProperties.com.  This page is maintained by Edam Lozano, licensed real estate salesperson. 

Why is your page so plain, Edam?

To my html programmer friends:  I know that you are wearing a smug expression as you criticize my page for lacking color/tools/animations etc.  Allow me to explain myself:

1) If you are not here to ridicule my site then you are probably here because you want to search the MLS.  The links are provided on the left.  There is no need to add anything that slows down the page or makes it incompatible with your combination of hardware and browser.

2)  There aren't any links or applications available that work better than I do.  My clients can contact me any time and count on a prompt answer that is backed by skill and experience that a web tool/link simply cannot offer.

Now, enjoy the links you came to use or get back to work.